James Creek Riding Lessons



I teach basic trail riding skills and 

 horse care. I  have never gotten into

 showing and therefore, I do not teach

 these skills. But, I do provide horse help

 for those who don't have a perfect

 horse, a horse with bad habits.

        We all would like to have the perfect

horse, but very few of us get the chance to

 have one. Sometimes thou, you can work

 with a horse that has a few bad habits

 and make them better. I can help you

 with these bad habits and make your

 horse a better partner.  I can also

 work on trailer loading, with horses that

 just hate to go in the trailer. It takes less

 time then most people think it takes. I

 work with many different breeds

of horses, TWH, AQHA,  hafflingers,

 mules, ponies, APHA, arabs, grades, ects.

 You  can learn all your basic horse care

 and basic trail riding skills with me. If

you're a new horse owner or just need

 help or brushing up on your handling

 and riding skills. I have many  books and

 DVDS to borrow on horse care and